How to Control your Appetite with Inner Dynamics

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So you want to control your appetite, a deeply unconscious process that you’ve never had control over. This is a topic which counselors, life coaches, and health consultants have been trying to solve for decades. You’re not alone.

OK, let’s experiment with inner dynamics.

We won’t worry about what inner dynamics is. Rather, let’s just do an experiment, step by step. This way you’ll get an experience of inner dynamics (and hopefully more control over your appetite.

Warning: You’re going to have to do some weird stuff to make this work. Are you up for being a bit odd today?

Take the following steps to control your appetite.

1. Relax.

My favorite relaxation technique is Darth Vader breathing – a yoga breath method. At any rate, if you really want to control your appetite, be sure you are relaxed and open-minded before you go on to the next step.

2. Ask a question on the inside and wait for the reply.

The question is, “Will the part of me that controls my appetite please come forward?” Then, wait for a reply. The response will come in the form of something you see, hear, or feel on the inside.

3. Work it out with that part of you.

Ah, I’m being vague. Still, if you ask the question and a part of you replies, it’s safe to assume that you can take it from there and make some headway. What do you want from this part of you? Cooperation. How do you get it? By communicating what you want and negotiating, no differently than if this part of you were a person standing in front of you.

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