10 Reasons you Need to Meditate, According to Research

reasons to meditate

Guest post by Ramit Singhi • iNLP Center student Most people know that meditation has a relaxing effect. It’s advisable to meditate regularly to have proper personal development. Wondering why? Here are ten reasons you need to meditate. 1. Stress Most people get stressed when faced with numerous challenges or disappointments in life. Some of … Read more10 Reasons you Need to Meditate, According to Research

Top Four Health Benefits of Hypnosis [Research]

health benefits hypnosis

In the past, many people believed hypnosis is a trick. However, in 1958, the American Medical Association (AMA) approved it as a therapy. Currently, more scientific research is being conducted to prove the benefits which hypnosis offers. Here are five of its health benefits of hypnosis that science supports. 1. Induces Deep Sleep In past … Read moreTop Four Health Benefits of Hypnosis [Research]

Mayo Clinic Endorses Health Coaching?

I don’t know that it should be called an endorsement, but the Mayo Clinic has published good news about health coaching. In an article entitled Study Finds Wellness Coaching Benefits Last Over Time, Mayo made the following points: • Wellness coaching is increasing in popularity. • Mayo employs wellness coaches in its Healthy Living Clinic. • … Read moreMayo Clinic Endorses Health Coaching?

Natural Anxiety Relief

There are some pretty wonderful anti-anxiety medications out there. Xanax and Ativan are extremely popular for short-term bouts of anxiety. Then, there is always the classic Valium, perhaps the most prescribed drug in modern medicine. These pills offer nearly instant relief from emotional discomfort, not to mention the warm floaty feelings that so many people … Read moreNatural Anxiety Relief

Seven Dire Consequences of Obesity

consequences of obesity

It is estimated that up to three-quarters of the US population is overweight – and probably ignoring the consequences of obesity. Obesity brings about significant health ramifications and puts people at serious risk of major health complications and debilitating diseases. Some of the most concerning health conditions that can develop as a direct result of … Read moreSeven Dire Consequences of Obesity

Essential Oils for Sore Throat ~ Six Magic Blends

We’re excited to show you all about essential oils for sore throat because these have a way of working magic in your soft tissues. Exposure to these healing elements provides soothing relief that may very well surprise you. The following six represent the best essential oil for sore throat, not only due to recovery speed; but … Read moreEssential Oils for Sore Throat ~ Six Magic Blends